M13 – The Hercules Cluster

Not very happy with the guiding during this session. The weight of the C6N along with the overweight guidescope (ST80) presented a lot of issues getting good RMS. In addition, my reflector’s focus and/or collimation was a hair off. But it is what it is 🙂 GEAR USED Celestron 6″ NewtonianAVX MountH-alpha modified D5300ST80/QHY5L-II-M IMAGE […]

Imaging Jupiter with C6N

Jupiter turned out pretty small with the ED80, so this time around I decided to the bigger scope – the Celestron 6″ Newtonian. With its 150mm main mirror, it clearly shows more detail and zooms a bit closer due to its native 750mm focal length. In this image, I got some “onion ring” artifacts, which […]

Celestron 6″ Newtonian first light

After putting on my new C6N on the AVX mount, I set out to a Bortle 4 area around Wassaga Beach for some astrophotography, mainly to see the difference from the achromatic refractor I used previously. This images were also shot with a 60 second exposure to limit tracking errors due to periodic error and […]