I finished capturing every planet in our solar system

I have now captured every single planet in our solar system, except the one we are standing on. I feel I have squeezed as much resolution out of my tiny scope as possible. Finally can sell the 150mm f5 reflector with a horrible flimsy focuser, get a larger scope and start from scratch – getting […]

Imaging Venus using ED80

Just a very quick shot of Venus. From setup to disassembly took 40 min. Just shows you how much easier and less time consuming planetary imaging is. ED80, AVX, QHY5L-II-M and 3x Televue Barlow After stacking in Registax and applying wavelet processing, a fellow redditor used PixInsight to sharpen the image by doing a deconvolution […]

Imaging Jupiter with C6N

Jupiter turned out pretty small with the ED80, so this time around I decided to the bigger scope – the Celestron 6″ Newtonian. With its 150mm main mirror, it clearly shows more detail and zooms a bit closer due to its native 750mm focal length. In this image, I got some “onion ring” artifacts, which […]