Imaging Venus using ED80

Just a very quick shot of Venus. From setup to disassembly took 40 min. Just shows you how much easier and less time consuming planetary imaging is. ED80, AVX, QHY5L-II-M and 3x Televue Barlow After stacking in Registax and applying wavelet processing, a fellow redditor used PixInsight to sharpen the image by doing a deconvolution […]

Imaging the Horsehead Nebula

Another cold winter session and I’m trying out my new LifePixel modified Nikon D5300. The h-alpha response is incredible. I can finally see strong dark red signal registering. This is a great improvement over my D3200 camera. In addition, I have stopped using dark frames. It is too time consuming and a pain to accurately […]

Fastest and cheapest polar alignment method

Instead of spending on a polemaster, Im gonna try attaching the QHY5LII-M to the back of the orion 8×40 finderscope and use the SharpCap polar aligning feature. My ST80 has too narrow field of view as Sharpcap needs between 1 and 4 deg FOV. To attach the camera, I unscrewed the eyepiece part of the […]