After imaging Jupiter, my next planet in the list is obviously Saturn. The only planet in the solar system with a prominent ring system, this one needs no introduction. My first tries imaging this with the low quality 80mm chromatic telescope produced a very tiny and yellow dusty colored oval patch. I did not have enough focal length to really get to the details. But now I have the Televue 3x Barlow for the magnification, and with proper color balancing in SharpCap, I should get much better results. After waiting for a clear night with descent seeing, I tried my luck. Here is the my image of Saturn:

Saturn using Celestron 6″ Newtonian and QHY224c

I shot 10,000 frames using SharpCap, stacked using Autostakkert 2500 best frames, used Registax for wavelet processing and Photoshop for saturation and canvas increase.

Video from Beygin Astrophotography

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