I’m really lacking the h-alpha response in my Nikon D3200. But more annoying is the fact that I can’t use BackyardNikon with it. I’m left with using a remote shutter for my imaging sessions. This leaves me using only the view finder of the camera for focusing. More importantly, I can’t setup a dithering routine which is much more beneficial to use with DSLRs than spending tedious time creating dark frames.

Nikon D5300
LifePixel Ha Modified Nikon D5300

The Nikon D5300 is one the best crop sensor DSLRs on the market, due to its extremely low noise SONY IMX193 sensor. In addition, by modifying the sensor to allow more of the deep red spectrum to get through, it becomes a powerful tool in capturing emission nebulae. H-alpha emissions are the most prominent and dominant in our universe.

I was lucky to find a second hand D5300 that was professionally modified by LifePixel. It only had 1600 shutter clicks on it.

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