Welcome to AstroCAT's first imaging contest. Submit your work for a chance to win. Participate by referring new astrophotographers. Submissions will be evaluated on aesthetic and technical criteria including effort.

  • 1st Prize 10 ASTR and 1 Messier 110 NFT ticket
  • Runner up prize 7 ASTR
  • Best beginner photo prize 5 ASTR

Newcomers: Don't know where to get your XCH address and/or wallet? Leave your email when submitting - we'll reach out to help.

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Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Only personal images will be accepted. Please resize below 2MB.
Include gear, location, object name and acquisition/processing details.
No XCH address? Leave your email or social handle, and we'll reach out.
Did someone refer you? Enter any twitter, discord, reddit username / email / xch address

Don't have a CHIA (XCH) wallet? Download under the "Light Wallet Beta" section at the bottom: chia.net/download/

Referral Program
AstroCAT members can refer a new participant and get 1 $ASTR. Referral ID on the contest form can be either the XCH address or the twitter/discord/email handle you provided for the initial ASTR airdrop. Referrals will be awarded only for new entrants who are practising amateur astrophotographers. “Astrophotographer” is a very broad term, so anyone putting an effort into taking an image of the night sky is an astrophotographer. Quick random snaps of the sky using mobile phones won’t count, although will be admissible as a contest entry.