A mosaic of the center of our home galaxy using 14 panels with a Rokinon 135mm f2 lens and Nikon D5300 h-alpha modified.

Unfortunately, not a perfectly clear night, and so some panels had slight cloud cover, hence a difficult job in stitching together. But a very good practice for my first mosaic.

14 panels
2 subs x 1 min at f2 iso400
Rokinon 135mm F2 lens
Nikon D5300
Advanced VX mount
ST80/QHY5L-II Guiding

Calibrated in dss
Stitched in msici
Pixinsight: dbe, star masks, star reduction, lots of curves and histogram, remove green and thats it

Milky way 14 panel mosaic with Rokinon 135mm f2

Original image is 196 megapixels, and is 20,000 pixels wide. For a 7,000 wide version: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152646221@N02/42065677755

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